Make Your Own Candles at Manitou Candle Co. in Cincinatti

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Try not to be thrown off by the enormous elk head you see when you walk into Manitou Candle Co., located in Cincinnati’s Columbia-Tusculum district. Fun factoid: founded in 1788, it’s actually the oldest neighborhood in Cincinnati. You might be too distracted by the aromatherapeutic smells emanating from the Candle workshop, where passersby can frequently find classes of burgeoning artisans honing their candle-pouring prowess during the evenings. Class participants are encouraged to bring food and wine while working with dripping hot wax, fragrance and essential oils.

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The environment itself is a haven of calming, natural incandescence. Opened in 2016, the company gets its name from the North and South Manitou Islands, a fascinating pair of land masses off the coast of northern Michigan. You can take a day trip to the beautiful, mysterious islands, which boast a wealth of ecological and wild population of plants and animals but is largely uninhabitable by humans.

It seems fitting that Manitou Candle Co. has taken on the challenge of demystifying a similarly simple, natural and historical process of candle-making, but with a modern, community-focused twist.

Manitou Candle Co.
4015 Eastern Ave.
Cincinnati, OH, 45226

Images courtesy of Manitou Candle Co.

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