Make-Up Makeover: Lancôme's Alison Silvagnoli Cracks The Code On Mastering Product Cocktailing

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The next time someone mentions mixing a cocktail, don’t assume they’re talking about a drink. Beauty mavens are taking cocktailing to the next level by layering products to define and personalize unique looks. Whether experimenting with blushes, mascaras or lipsticks, beauty junkies know the ins and outs of mixing up fool-proof, custom combinations.

Orange lip shades

We spoke to Lancôme Pro Team member and make-up artist, Alison Silvagnoli, to learn more about this trend, and the secrets to mixing and matching your favorite beauty products.

ALIVE: First things first. Which beauty launches are you most excited for this summer?
Alison Silvagnoli: There are so many beauty launches that I’m excited about, it’s hard to narrow them down. There is no denying, though, that the MAC Waterproof Brow Collection (available May 22 at is going to be huge this summer. It’s basically eyebrow mascaras in a variety of shades. It sets your eyebrows, keeps them in place and helps to define. It’s genius!

ALIVE: We hear the term “beauty junkie” being used frequently. What exactly does this mean?
AS: Most beauty industry professionals, like myself, are hardcore beauty junkies! There are many beauty junkies out there today who aren’t in the industry. I would define being a beauty junkie as someone who buys make-up not for restocking, but for the pure pleasure of new and exciting products.

ALIVE: There’s a trend in beauty cocktailing happening among beauty junkies where they are layering several products to achieve one look. Let’s start with mascara. What are some of the combinations that you’re seeing women use to get thick, voluminous lashes?
AS: Mascara primer, which I don’t believe gets enough hype, layered with mascara is a winning combination. My go-to mascara primer will always be Cils Booster XL by Lancôme. I like to top it off with Lancôme’s Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara for a thick false lash effect without smudge.

ALIVE: Orange is the new red this season when it comes to lips. What is the perfect combination of colors to mix in order to attain the ideal orange shade?
AS: Orange is definitely all the rage for summer. I believe that every woman looks good in different shades of orange. What I tend to do is choose a more subtle shade for the lipstick and top it off with a more vibrant shade of lip gloss. This allows you to customize the perfect tone for you… and with two products you can have three or more different looks.

ALIVE: Are there any other trends in beauty mixology that you’re seeing?
AS: Ask any self-proclaimed beauty junkie, mixing products to get one specific look is the only way to go. The one thing that’s really on my radar for this season is Dior Hydra Life BB Creme. It gives you a more permanent bronze, helps to even out skin, and your foundation lies flawlessly on top. They’ve gone ahead and done the mixing for you.

ALIVE: Can the fashion phrase “mixing high and low” be applied to this? Are customers mixing brands in different price ranges?
AS: Most definitely. Women are becoming wiser about products that work well, but cost less, as well as those products that can’t be replicated at a lower price point. I find that lipstick formulas and blushes can easily be replicated, but I would stick with prestige foundations. To me, the perfect foundation is the most important factor in your make-up wardrobe.

ALIVE: As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie yourself, what are some of your favorite mix and match combinations? What’s on your radar?
AS: My favorite mix-and-match trend of the season is combining cool and warm tones. For example, a great lilac blush with a coral lip. There are no rules when it comes to color combinations on your face, so step out of the box and try something new. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fresh of a look you’ll get when mixing two opposite color tones!

Feeling inspired? You can reach out to Alison Silvagnoli directly with any questions through her Facebook page: Or, stop by Sephora at the Saint Louis Galleria for a personal beauty consultation that includes a make-over and personal shopping session. This service is complimentary with a $125 minimum purchase. 

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