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IN A SUNNY STUDIO in Dogtown, Chelsie Hellige—the mastermind behind the highly sought-after  handmade jewelry line, Fable & Lore—can be found hand-sawing brass into the shape of saguaro cacti. It’s not something she imagined she’d be doing when she started making jewelry, but her company has certainly changed since then. After emerging from a quiet start on Etsy in 2010, Hellige now has  expanded into selling at dozens of handmade shows and flea markets across the Midwest throughout  the year, in addition to local specialty shops.

The Fable & Lore collection is made up of what Hellige refers to as the trifecta: metals, minerals and macrame. Mixing brass and copper with stones like amethyst and dalmatian jasper in her line, Hellige describes the bracelets, rings and necklaces of Fable & Lore as a clean, modern iteration of bohemian  jewelry—”bohemian in a straightforward way, perfect for the modern free spirit.”

The pieces come together through a thoughtful, visually driven process that usually begins with sketches and ends with a creative shuffling of parts to find the right look. Hellige continues to refine and evolve the line, aided by metalsmithing skills learned through classes at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design and the artist’s independent study of her craft.

From desert flora to ’70s textiles, Fable & Lore is known for mixing textures to create pieces that are both standalone statements and ideal pieces for layering. The spring and summer line made its debut in early April and can be found at K. Hall Designs, Urban Matter and Parsimonia, as well as




Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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