Lusso Offers A Sense of Home and Family To Every Customer

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It’s easy to see why Lusso is well loved by STL. Walking through the front door, you’re instantly greeted with a wave and a “Is there anything I can help you with?” The walls are lined with gorgeous home decor–plates, knives, blankets and lots of candles. It’s everything the owners love and everything you didn’t know you needed.

The owners, Melissa Nieberle, Drea Ranek, Maeghan Moeller and Kristen Zivic, may not all be family–except Nieberle and Ranek–but they are as close as any family could be and that attitude radiates throughout the store.

“Our customers are like family and we are really grateful for them. That’s what makes it so fun; we know about their lives and they know about ours. That is what keeps it cool and fresh all the time,” explains Nieberle with Moeller nodding in agreement beside her.


Photo by Attilio D’Agostino

The beautiful boutique’s offerings seem to cover every aspect of life from children’s books, tempting candies, mens and womenswear and the stockpile of greeting cards for any occasion–from baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, love notes and so much more. And, they are all handpicked by the store owners themselves, who take turns going to market in other cities, including L.A. and New York, and always consult one another on what should be purchased. Between the four owners’ individual tastes, there is something for everyone along the shelves at all different price points.

Throughout the space, each unique each item stands out and you can tell how much the store owners love each piece they have in stock.

“We’ve learned our lesson after all this time to only order something that we love and want to have in our store. When we originally started people would say, ‘I don’t know about that. St. Louis doesn’t like that kind of stuff,’” says Nieberle. But after 15 years of being open, it certainly seems STL loves everything Lusso offers–from the mustache mugs all the way down to the shop’s signature gift wrap.

But the best part about the boutique? The atmosphere. It’s homey, smells amazing and the soundtrack that fills the room will have you humming along while trying on clothes. It’s a place you can spend an afternoon browsing the racks and talking to the owners—which most customers do.

“We are super low pressure here. If you don’t find anything, then you don’t find anything,” Moeller says. “We love interacting with people and with clothing. We are very honest. We understand that when people leave here, they are a reflection of us and we want people to look and feel their best. That’s so important.”

And they practice what they preach, making sure anyone who enters leaves happy and feeling their best. Because at Lusso, it’s the feeling of being there that will keep you coming back for more.

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