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Courtney Love’s Hole makes a rare and long-awaited appearance in St. Louis.


Last night, The Pageant lit up with the kind of energy that only the promise of true celebrity can bring. An almost sold-out crowd turned out to see Courtney Love and her new, hybrid version of ‘90s girl-grunge band Hole perform a set list of staple ‘90s hits, new tracks from “Nobody’s Daughter,” the bands long-awaited new album, and a few classic rock covers to offset the rest. The new Hole played the St. Louis show just like any other stop on their long string of American shows—coming on almost an hour late, opening with Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” and playing a musically impressive set that just fell short of having any real enthusiasm. Some die-hard fans grumbled as they exited, leaving after the mere hour and fifteen minutes set and encore by Hole, and Love did manage to get one Midwestern dig in, saying at one point that members of the crowd looked like they watch a lot of TV (in reference to her recent VH1 “Behind the Music“). Devoid of any original members, save Love, this 2010 string of tour dates came with plenty of opposition from original members Eric Erlandson and Auf Der Maur, who never gave permission to Love to tour under their collective band name. Der Maur, never asked by Love to join the tour, was shocked and worried that these dates “jeapordize a real Hole reunion.”

Although not the whole Hole, the band present last night filled in where they needed to behind Courtney, who, despite some rough living, still has one of the most amazing live voices I’ve seen to date. Amidst screams of, “Courtney! You are so beautiful!” from adoring fans, Love growled and screamed the way she always has, with one brown nylon-clad leg on the amp and hard strum on her lipstick red Rickenbacker guitar. Definitely worth seeing, the show at The Pageant may have been a once-in-a-lifetime Courtney performance for St. Louis Hole fans, although perhaps another full reunion tour will someday emerge and make its back through this city.

Getting the crowd revved up for Love, Foxy Shazam burst on stage with an energetic set of pop-rock that wreaked of ‘80s hair band—a set not to be overlooked as just the opening act. An LA band by way of Cincinnati, Foxy Shazam wowed the crowd with stage gymnastics, incredible vocals and a truly envy-worthy rock wardrobe. Watching Shazam was like Cirque de Solei meets a Motley Cruë show; at one point, keyboardist Sky White flipped upside down, clutching the keyboard and doing scissor kicks—all while still playing. I met up with Daisy, Foxy’s bassist, after the show and talked a little bit about their band, the tour and their latest, self-titled album. Look for a review to come later this week; the album’s great for partying and dancing, too.

Hole’s Full Set List
“Pretty on the Inside”
“Sympathy for the Devil” – Rolling Stones cover
“Skinny Little Bitch”
“Miss World”
“Letter to God”
“Pacific Coast Highway”
“Reasons to Be Beautiful”
“Take This Longing” – Leonard Cohen cover
“Someone Else’s Bed”
“Celebrity Skin”
“Doll Parts”
Encore: “Malibu”, “Play with Fire” (Rolling Stone cover), “Boys on the Radio” and “Thirteen” (Big Star cover)


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