Local Love: Kung Fu Chicken's Carmelita Nunez

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St. Louis-based husband and wife duo Carmelita Nunez and Daniel Shown created Kung Fu Chicken, an interdisciplinary art studio, as way to combine and develop their skills and development as artists. Though their mediums are very different—Carmelita specializes in ceramics while Daniel is a mixed media aficionado—they compliment and balance each other in more ways than one.

Photo courtesy of Carmelita Nunez

Photo courtesy of Carmelita Nunez

When we caught up with Carmelita, she gave us an exclusive sneak peek of her most recent collection of handcrafted striped bowls, simple in design but illustrated with bold colors and unexpected combinations to make them truly unique. Each piece is made by hand, illustrated and then glazed with a food-safe clear glaze that has a shiny finish.

“The inspiration behind [the new collection] comes from my other pieces that are very detailed in the surface drawing. I wanted to zero in on a portion of the illustration and blow it up. Stripes are on so many pieces that it was perfect. Stripes are nothing new, of course, but I still love stripes on all sorts of things. I love them thick and thin, and with this collection, the stripes begin to blur from the firing process leaving them shadowed with movement and depth, ” says Carmelita.

You can score Carmelita’s goods at both Craft Alliance and the Yeyo Arts Collective, as well as by special and custom order. In celebration of St. Louis’ 250th birthday, Carmelita will also be a featured artist in “2-5-Oh! Surprise, Sadness and Struggle in the Mound City” that will take place from Feb. 22-Dec. 31 2014 at Studio 53.

For more information about Carmelita and Kung Fu Chicken, visit their website.

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