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From her outrageous life in Hollywood to her latest Euorpean conquests, the infamous comedienne’s penchant for debauchery goes global.


Life is good for Chelsea Handler. Four best-selling books, a massive national tour (“Uganda Be Kidding Me Live”), a titillating late-night talk show that’s thriving with the audacious Handler at the helm and a revolving door of celebrated A-list guests, all vying to be famously humbled by the quick-witted comedienne (let’s face it: “Chelsea Lately” never gets old). So what’s missing? Absolutely nothing, according to the hilariously irreverent star, who makes no apologies in life. Relationship? Check. Well, relations anyway, and with a slew of foreign suitors. Children? Pass. She’s on the record as having no particular interest in parenthood—”Who has the time?” Handler says she’s currently living her version of the dream with plans to remain in the moment—a difficult task for someone as in-demand as she is.

Besides staying consistently relevant in both ratings and the press, Handler has managed to captivate social media audiences with her provocative posts. The most recent frenzy unfolded when she exposed a trim and toned upper thigh while recouping from a ski injury. Handler herself was surprised at the public reaction to her figure—after all, she’s been on Maxim’s Hot 100 twice and posed for the cover of Playboy. And while the mildly salacious pics have generated their fair share of heat, the twitpic heard round the world was no doubt the one in which she first exposed her former relationship with rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. Maybe it was the intimate nature of the picture. Or perhaps it was seeing Handler in such a vulnerable light (she’s not exactly known for being sweet or submissive). But no matter the reason, Handler’s off-air persona is undoubtedly a topic of fascination for her fans. St. Louis die-hards will get a chance to experience her gravitas in person when she makes her way to the Concert Club at Scottrade Center on April 12.



ALIVE: Your dog Chunk has his own twitter handle (@chunkhandler). What can people learn about life through Chunk?
Chelsea Handler: Chunk and I go together very well because he doesn’t really speak, and I admire and I applaud that‰ÛÓso we have a good symmetry between us. He doesn’t get sarcasm, which I find humorous because I’m the most sarcastic person on the planet. Everything he does is with complete earnestness. Like if I say, “Chunk, do you want to go for a ride?” and I’m clearly in bed for the night, under covers, ready to go to sleep. He’ll get out of bed with his ears up, and I’ll look at him and think, “Oh my gosh, you are not my dog. You don’t even get the fact that I’m being sarcastic; there’s no way we’re going for a ride.”

ALIVE: Your show is known for being tongue-in-cheek (and that’s putting it mildly). What would you say you’ve taken the most heat for?
CH: I don’t really pay attention to the heat that I take, because I don’t think that there’s any value to it. I think the most important thing is to have a real point of view and actually have an opinion. If you start reading what people think about you‰ÛÓif you’re mean, or if you’re ugly, or if you’re fat, or if you’re too nice, or if you’re a kiss-ass, then it’s going to start mitigating how you see yourself. I think it’s really important to just say what you feel‰Û_There’s no guarantee that you’re going to have a million fans, but it’s important to keep the fans that you have, because those are the people that got you to where you are.

ALIVE: You’re a natural with self-deprecating humor. Have you done anything hilariously embarrassing lately?
CH: Oh my gosh, daily! Every day is something embarrassing. Today I was videotaping my dog in the car on the way to work‰ÛÓbecause I’ve been doing this daily dog diary on the show‰ÛÓ and somebody yelled at me for videotaping on my iPhone and driving, which is a completely legitimate thing to be yelling at me about. I should have been completely pulled over, but I wasn’t. You know when you get embarrassed because you know you did something wrong, and instead [of taking responsibility] you lash out, and you’re like, “No, fuck you, asshole‰ÛÓ this is for a television show!” like you’re doing neurosurgery or something? That was embarrassing, because after about 30 seconds you’re thinking to yourself, “OK, that was not appropriate; I shouldn’t be driving and filming my dog no matter what kind of driver I think I am.”

ALIVE: Which E! star is most annoying in real life?
CH: I actually like the Kardashians more than you think I would. They’re not as annoying in real life. I don’t find Ryan annoying. There are a couple of guys that are on the news‰ÛÓMarc Malkin, because he’s exactly like what you would think.



Photo credit: Cover Photo by Peter Yang/AUGUST | Inside Photos by Timothy White for E!

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