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In this years Eat + Drink issue, we wanted to celebrate St. Louis restaurants in a new way, finding out what your favorites are and sharing them in our pages. And, forgoing formal, vote-tallying polls, we instead opted for a social media-centric conversation with you online, wherelets be honestwe all seek and share info on the best spots in town. Through our online chats, over 75 bite-size but tasty hot tips emerged. The conversation went a little something like this


Hey St. Louis, what’s your favorite dish in town?


Jamie Mcintyre Smith: The filet at Dierdorf and Hart’s is sublime.

Leon Braxton: Tucker’s Place in Soulard. They have the best steaks. They file a missing persons report if I don’t eat there at least once a week.

John Hartman: Love Citizen Kane’s in Kirkwood!

Justin Craig-Meyer: River City Casino’s Steak Collinsworth prepped by Chef Patrick McElroy.

Karl Krummenacher: Annie Gunn’s NY Strip or Fillet with twice-baked potatoes, asparagus and BBQ shrimp.

Comfort Food

Melissa Bales: Lemongrass Café chicken hot pot.

Dennis Gilbert:
Frazers’ bread pudding…mmmm!

Colleen O’Donnell: Anything Courtesy Diner.

Cindy Collins: Tortellini Bianco at Cunetto House of Pasta on the Hill.

Skif Happycircle: Vegetarian Menemen at Aya Sofia.

Todd Alan: The Black and Bleu mac n’ cheese from Cheese-ology in The Loop.

Matthew Woolley: Pasta House.

Jill Schroeder: My favorite dish are the tamales and chili mashed potatoes at Milagro Modern Mexican.

Yaunah Hairston:
Any dessert from Jessie Pearl’s Pound Cakes….sublime.

All-Time Favorites

Matt Sorrell: Pork belly at Niche. Best. Ever.

Rhose Rhomalina:
The Duff’s Salad at Duff’s Restaurant on Euclid Avenue.

Rommie Martinez:
Bobo Noodlehouse’s Seafood special with rice noodles substituted for fried noodle.

Carrie Iggulden: The fish tacos at Royale are the shit. And you know how I feel about the hummus at Pi.

Jamie Kelley:The butternut squash soup at Sage rocks. And the beef tips at the Tenderloin Room are amazing…melt in your mouth!

Colin Fiola: Pho Tai at Mama Pho Vietnamese, Muffaletta at Blues City Deli, Braised Beef Short Ribs at Brasserie by Niche, 17.02 at Pho Grand, Pigwich at Taste by Niche, Eggs Benedict at Soulard Coffee Garden, Carnitas Tacos at LaVallesana and ribs with any Pappy’s Smokehouse side.

Lauren Sherwood: Boogaloo’s bread pudding and Three Monkeys’ pizza.

Scott Miller: French dip roast beef sandwich (on garlic bread!) at Joanie’s Pizzeria.

Angela Khan:
Lemongrass Café.

Mark Schulte:
Sticky toffee pudding at the Tap Room!

John Elkins: Anything at Aya Sofia!

Patricio Cordero:
The Arroz Negro at Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant…delish!

Brian Burkett:
The “Aji de Gallina” at Mango. Yum.

Breann “Bree” Mendolia: The Chicken BLT pizza from Joannie’s Pizza in Soulard. The Arancini appetizer at Vito’s by The Fox Theater and the pistachio gelato at Gelato Di Riso. Damn, I’m so hungry now!

Chris Clark: Liver, mashed spuds and onions at City Diner. Awesome comfort food!

Derek Campbell: Cod Fish Sandwich at Marko Fish House.

Nandini Ramaswamy-King: My current favorite is Stellina’s on Watson. Their salad and pastas are amazing!

Helen Z. Liu: Katie’s Pizza by a long shot.

Courtney Strong: Cicero’s Terayaki chicken wraps.

Jan Christian Anderson: Veal dumplings appetizer at Sidney Street. The glaze is out of this world!!!

Valerie Salazar: The Good Pie on Lindell. The Napoli pizza with white anchovy, mozzarella, chile and basil.

Lisa Young-Bates: Xin Xim de Galinha (sautéed chicken w/ amazingly yummy shrimp & sauce over rice) at Yemanja Brasil

Lauren Icenogle-Seabolt: The stuffed mushrooms and lobster ravioli from Little Hills Winery.

Jonathan Foresythe: The lobster mac ‘n’ cheese from Herbie’s.

Aaron T. Hooks:
Pantera’s Pizza. The best is the Hunk pizza.

Chris Banas: Pi on Manchester.

Ice Cream

Angela Khan: Murray’s Shaved Ice on Watson.

Krista Mallette: Ted Drewes of course. The Fox Treat is so yummy!

Tina Totty: Gator’s Frozen Custard in O’Fallon, IL.

Jamie Kelley: FroYo Premium Frozen Yogurt on Delmar… there’s something fresh and amazing every time I go!

Maxine Taylor:
Oberweis, Oberweis, Oberweis!

Kelley Lamm:
The most amazing hand-dipped ice cream is Bonnidell’s Ice Cream Shop. The Gooey Butter is delicious!

ustine Craig-Meyer: Ted Drewes.

Matt Sorrell: Gelato di Riso.

Janet Newberry Gralen:
Crown Candy Kitchen. I was in hog heaven.

Amy K. Holmes-Simmons: There’s nothing more romantic than sharing a Cardinal Sin sundae in the parking lot of Ted Drewes.

Tawanda Hatten: Crown Candy Kitchen…of course!!

Jason Robinson: Gelateria Del Leone.


Angie Spencer: Any burger from Sub Zero Vodka Bar. I love the chicken sandwich, but the burger is also to die for!

Lesley McClement: The Bison Burger from Sub Zero Vodka Bar— juicy! Yummy and all around amazing!

Ryan Mueller: MoKaBe’s on Arsenal & Grand. They have a fantastic black bean vegan burger that uses Match non-meat meat (Missouri small business!). It’s awesome because rather than try to get it to taste like a burger, they just let the natural awesomeness of veggies do the work. That, and it’s only $6

Mike Kelley: The Fatted Calf in Clayton because they put a ball of cheddar on the burger that’s the size of a baby’s fist.

Emily Frances Heitzig: The veggie burger from The Over/Under on Washington Avenue 🙂

Candice Gillman:
I second Ryan’s vote for MoKaBe’s. And they have one black bean burger with pepperjack cheese, guacamole and salsa…mmm!

Matt Lodge: Carl’s Drive In, hands down.


Marisol Tirado: Island Dream cupcake from the Cupcakery!!! Yummy coconut.

Matt Sorrell: The liquid chocolate cake at Niche.

Melissa Moss: Chocolate mousse from Remy’s or for a quick treat, the Washington Ave. Post.

Jamie Vollmer:
The bread pudding at Boogaloo or hot donuts from the Donut
Drive In.


941_417.jpgLemongrass Cafe: Chicken Hot Pot

942_417.jpgPappy’s Smokehouse: BBQ Ribs

943_417.jpgBlues City Deli: Muffaletta

944_417.jpgPappy’s Smokehouse: BBQ Ribs

945_417.jpgSage: Butternut Squash Soup

946_417.jpgJoanie’s Pizzeria: French Dip

947_417.jpgVito’s: Arancini

948_417.jpgYemanja Brasil: Xin Xim de Galinha

949_417.jpgMango: Aji de Gallina

950_417.jpgTed Drewes: Fox Treat

951_417.jpgGelateria del Leone

952_417.jpgSub Zero Vodka Bar: Bison Burger

953_417.jpgBoogaloo: Bread Pudding


Photo credit: Food Photos by Emma Birge-Osborne and Derek Feldman.

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