Leather And Laces: The History of St. Louis' Brown Shoe Company In Photographs

 In Style

As we stroll through time, the shoes on our feet sometimes take us places we never would have imagined. In 1904, they might have led us wandering through the midway of the St. Louis World’s Fair. In 1919, when Prohibition was passed, they may have carted us to an underground bootlegger. Later, in the 1960s as Gas Light Square burned brightly in midtown, our shoes might have danced us through nightclubs and taverns. Throughout history, our personal styles have joined us on our personal journeys, and if you lived in St. Louis in the last 100 years, that personal style has probably involved Brown Shoe.

In honor of Brown Shoe’s momentous milestone of 100 years on the New York Stock Exchange, we share and celebrate its history with these archival photos. (Don’t miss the full story on Brown Shoe in our June issue.)

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