Learning to Speak Astrology: Part 4 – Rites of Passage

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 Astrology is a language of archetypes, science, psychology, mythology and intuition. Merely understanding the language is in itself an insightful experience. Here is a Glossary of Terms and Concepts for Astrology.


A Universal Rite of Passage Transit is a special kind of Transit marked by an outer, slower moving planet either coming back to where it started at your birth or coming into a special angle with itself. These are universal transition points in all our lives and are good times to get an astrology reading from someone experienced enough to understand these cycles. Here are some important ones, and there are others.

Jupiter Return: Jupiter represents your inner magical child, the part of you that knows, subconsciously, that you are spirit returning to spirit. As Jupiter circles your chart every 12 years, you experience new layers of growth, spiritual awareness and understanding, whether you think of it as spiritual or not. 

Saturn Return: First experienced during the years of 28 to 30, the Saturn Return is a time when the responsibilities and limits of life make a pronounced impact on your direction and self-definition. It’s time to make choices, accept authority, make commitments and generally embrace maturity. If you are on your destined path, this may feel like a serious time, but helpful. If you have not found your path, it can be a painful time of letting go of attachments and feeling the weight of adulthood. The second time, in your late 50s, it again imposes further definition and maturity that determines the quality of your elder years.

Uranus Opposition: This is when Uranus reaches the halfway point of its 84-year cycle and sits exactly opposite where it was when you were born. The experience relates to what has traditionally been called the “midlife crisis.”  That’s because Uranus represents your intuitive, trans-personal connection to your soul’s intention of authentic expression through your personality/ego. By age 38-42, whatever choices you’ve made by way of lifestyle, commitments, values, etc. are tested against your feelings of authenticity and what falls short becomes less tolerable to us, causing you to make unforeseen and sudden changes in your life. Depending on how true you have been to your soul’s path, this can be a radical and seemingly chaotic revolution in your life, or a profound and liberating deepening of your life path.

Chiron Return: Chiron is an asteroid out between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologically, it reflects your core childhood wounds, your healing path and eventually, once healed, your healing gifts. At age 51, when Chiron returns to its original position in your chart, there is a marked increase in energy to support resolution of whatever is left of your lifelong wounds. Sometimes, this requires focused attention and priority to healing. When your life wounds are healed, it opens the way to reach your highest potentials in life, clear of the drama and blocks you felt in younger years. When left unhealed, your old wounds can continue to fester and rob from the natural joy that your elder years can offer.

Images courtesy of Barry Kerr.

Images courtesy of Barry Kerr.

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