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Areas of cities ascend and descend in an ongoing lifecycle. The Grove of 2000, for example, is a stark contrast to the lively local businesses and well-kept homes lining the avenue today. But the organic process sometimes gets a helping hand: Rise Community Development, which played an initial role in The Grove’s revival, is a nonprofit that connects community organizations, government and financing to revitalize neighborhoods. The Grove and Old North St. Louis—where the organization also helped prompt regeneration—remain a focus, as do Illinois- side metro areas.

Stephen Acree, Executive Director/President

Stephen Acree, Executive Director/President


In Tower Grove East, a project with Messiah Luther- an Church is underway to benefit a group of double refugees (displaced from Bhutan to Nepal, and then here). “They’re susceptible to crime and not in great housing, but they’re part of the congregation, and the church wanted to do something about it,” Executive Director Stephen Acree says. The projected result? A historic rehab of 12 buildings, which will provide better housing with services to the International Institute so new starts in America will be strong one

This story was featured in the November 2015 Issue.

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