Land the Dream Job By Asking the Right Questions

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Job interviews are nerve-wracking for everyone no matter what your experience is. Why not be as prepared as possible when it comes to time to walk through those doors? You already know that preparing for interviewer questions is important, but make sure to be able to turn the tables and ask a few questions of your own. When the time does comes and they put you on spot (“So do you have any questions?”), don’t freeze up, but step up with these questions:

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What is the largest problem facing the staff, and am I going to be in a position to assist in a resolution for this problem? This question shows you are immediately looking to help grow the company in a positive direction. For an added plus, the interviewer is seeing how you could fit within the company.

Do you have any hesitations about me being successful within this position? Asking about any hesitations will give you the time to help solve any concerns they may have with your qualifications. Don’t let a simple problem make you lose the job and instead take the initiative to explain more about your abilities to succeed in the position.

How long have you been with the company and how has your role changed/grown through those years? Learn more about the growth ability in a company by asking the interviewer about their position. If they have been able to gain more responsibility and move up in the company then you could too.

Can you tell me how this company plans to grow within the next five years? Showing your interest in the company as a whole is allowing the interviewer to see your commitment to its success. It becomes more than just an individualistic view as they are investing in you to better the company overall.

Can you tell me about a problem that has arisen within this position and how you would fix it? The interviewer is then analyzing how a common error should be fixed and you learn how they do things. They also are seeing that you in that position knowing the proper way of fixing certain problems. Don’t make the same mistakes others have!

Come prepared with at least one question to ask the interviewer to  increase their interest in you and also giving yourself more information about the company. It makes for a win-win situation!

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