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29, lead singer of Ne?e and co-owner of the Fortune teller Bar


Describe your personal style. It’s definitely a mish-mash of vintage and classic standby pieces. I love ornate dresses and simple black skinny jeans, depending on what I’m working on. I’m particularly obsessed with vintage jumpsuits/rompers. I think I have more than anyone else I know.
What are you wearing today? The tights (once quite un-destroyed) are from Japan. The top is vintage and Japanese as well. Although it’s nearly impossible to gauge sizes when translating to the US, Japanese fashion is a lot of fun to wear and has a real connection with pop music and culture. The shorts and necklace both ended up left at my apartment as remnants of hosting lots of traveling friends and musicians. I never figured out where they came from, but am happy they ended up with me.
Does your style differ on and off stage? I have some crossover stuff that works for a Kristin appearance and a Neee appearance, but not much. There are certain things that “Nee Kristin” wears and gets away with that “Normal Life Kristin” can’t.
What items from your closet can you not live without? Vintage gold link belts. They go with almost everything and instantly fancify your whole look.
What is your go-to piece? Black tights. Very few dresses can escape my love for a good pair in the winter. I have at least 10 slightly differing pairs, and they’re all in constant rotation once the temperature drops.
What designers are you obsessed with? Honestly, it’s hard for me to answer this question because I really focus more on the piece than who designed it, but I think there are a lot of people making really inspiring clothing out there. I really love everything from Valentine Valentine, and Black Milk is putting some great stuff out there as well.
What era of fashion is your favorite? It really depends on what I’m looking for, but I’m a sucker for ’80s pop clothing. There was such creativity with color and shape. I try to stay away from going too far in that direction, but I’m totally a sucker for sequins.
Where do you shop in STL? I love Retro 101 on Cherokee. They always have so many things that I want! If I want to venture into the suburbs, I usually go to places like H&M for simple stuff. I also love hitting up the thrift stores to find clothing I can alter or remake.
What is your biggest fashion pet peeve? Fun fur and cocktail dresses paired with pashminas. Yeesh. – Interview by JIll Manoff

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Kristin Dennis


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