Killer Good Foods At The Ides Of March Market Day

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Ladies of the local restaurant scene will sideline superstitions and embrace the Ides of March at their first Market Day food party hosted by Clara Moore, the former chef of Local Harvest Café and co-author of “Shop Like A Chef.” At Market Day guests can shop through the wide array of artisanal products, which are all handmade by female restaurant veterans. Moore explained that the event is an opportunity for her and her chef friends to “continue our non-restaurant lifestyles but keep cooking.”

Image courtesy of Moonlight Farms

Image courtesy of Moonlight Farms

From various kinds of granolas and marmalades to whole-wheat buttermilk scones and smoked English bacon, there will be an amazing variety of goods to choose from at Market Day. Robin Wheeler is taking orders for things like Crown Valley coffee porter jelly, espresso mascarpone cheese, lavender jelly and vegan sloppy Joes found on her website.

Items from Amanda Jerauld Geimer, a chef and farmer from Moonlight Farm, include honey toast shortbread and cracked wheat cereals. Sarah Kate Buckles, another local restaurant veteran, will have granolas and pints of apple butter for sale while Moore will have packaged homemade soups and “fancy” crackers made with Moonlight Farm flour.

The knife-wielding women promise to be on their best behavior during the Ides of March Market Day, where there will be delicious samples, great music and good company.

Ides of March Market Day is Saturday, March 15 from 11am to 2pm. Contact Clara Moore at if interested in attending.  

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