Karl Fritsch Defies The Standard Of Beauty With His Jewelry Collection Available At Projects + Gallery

Taking a unique approach to the creation of custom jewelry, German artist Karl Fritsch throws the typical techniques out the window. His inspiration hails instead from rebellion—the result being eye-catching pieces that are equal parts rugged, rowdy and unconventionally beautiful, inlaid with roughly cut stones that evoke a medieval feel while remaining contemporary, witty and fashionable.

“Of course the ring wants to be beautiful. The technique also wants to be beautiful, and most often it’s the idea that wants to be the most beautiful. But sometimes a piece likes nothing better than to sit in the mud and not give a damn about how it looks. If it is exactly what it wants to be in a given moment, it is precise, perfect, and the most beautiful,” says Fritsch of his work in Karl Fritsch: Ninkern.

Often, great things are created when an artist chooses to abandon his classic training, focusing instead on a personal approach and custom technique. Fritsch, whose pieces are available at projects + gallery in St. Louis, utilizes his own methods and sprinkles it with a bit of necessary humor. “The pieces themselves are eclectic and rowdy characters, some being dubbed ‘brilliants’ whereas others are ‘fuckwits,’” he asserts. “One moment, a ring wants to look a certain way, and the next, it wants to look like something quite different. Sometimes it even freaks out, is unruly, out of control,” Fritsch adds. “Sometimes a ring plays a joke on me, or it sits at the table like a good child, doing nothing. Then it’s about quickly soldering, casting, filing, setting stones. The ring can’t wait; it is impatient and wants to hurry.”

View selections from Karl Fritsch in projects + impulse, a continuous showcase at projects + gallery that features international artisans whose work aligns with their current exhibitions. The gallery is open 11am-5pm Wednesday-Saturday at 4733 McPherson Avenue in the Central West End of St. Louis.

Featured photo by Attilio D’Agostino.

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