Jon Hamm stars in new HBO film

 In Culture

During the in-between season break of “Mad Men, brokenhearted fans can get another dose of St. Louis-bred actor Jon Hamm in his latest role for HBO this August. Hamm stars in “Clear History,” a made-for-TV film with plenty of humor.

Set to debut on August 10, the movie features its creator, Larry David, as a marketing executive who “pulls a Jerry Maguire, telling off his boss (Jon Hamm),” (Entertainment Weekly) before leaving the company and discovering that he missed out on the deal of a lifetime—namely, the electric car he refused to promote. Revenge becomes the name of the game after his new way of life is challenged and he has to face his boss, Hamm’s character, once again.

The St. Louisian will play alongside some truly big-name actors such as Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride and Eva Mendes.

Watch the HBO trailer to get a taste for Hamm in his new role.

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