Join The Wilson School in the 3rd Annual Cardboard Challenge

By Rikki Byrd
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The school year kicks off next month, with some schools slated to open as early as Aug. 11. While some kids are finishing their last leg of summer and begging their parents for a backpack sure to make them the coolest on campus, The Wilson School in Clayton has its eyes set on an event that involves their incoming students putting their minds and creativity to work for this year’s Cardboard Challenge.

Photo courtesy of The Wilson School

Courtesy of The Wilson School

What started as a short film titled “Caine’s Arcade,” in which an ingenious, 9-year-old boy from LA builds an expansive arcade—made completely of cardboard—in front of his dad’s auto parts shop, has since turned into a full-blown, global movement. In an effort to kill time during summer break, Caine showed that a little innovation and perseverance, coupled with often forgotten materials, can go a long way. The video, created by documentary filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, has reached more than 7 million views, fostering imagination and community-building worldwide.

Courtesy of The Wilson School

Courtesy of The Wilson School

The third annual Global Cardboard Challenge will take place on Oct. 11, inviting kids of all ages to come together for a global day of play. For the past two years, The Wilson School was the only school in St. Louis to participate in the challenge, inviting family and friends to see the cardboard vehicles, trees and arcade games created by its students. This year, The Wilson School is encouraging more schools and community groups in St. Louis to get involved in this global initiative. “Not only does the project encourage children to invent and explore new ideas through teamwork and trial and error, it reminds everyone that no matter where we live in the world and no matter how old we are, we all share in the joy that comes from using our imagination,” says The Wilson School’s technology coordinator, Melika Panneri. Panneri is also parent to two students at the school.

Through a partnership with KidSmart, Wilson students will organize a drive for much needed school supplies in the St. Louis area. Join The Wilson School in empowering the next generation of creators and innovators in St. Louis by hosting your own Cardboard Challenge in your school, neighborhood or library. When registration opens, head to Imagination Foundation’s website, to sign up. For those who want to give back like The Wilson School, use the challenge to raise funds and donate to your local school, a charitable cause or Imagination Foundation. By getting involved, you can help The Wilson School bring a day of play to St. Louis.

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