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According to Johnna Beckham, founder and CEO of the Johnna Marie clothing line, the market for custom-made suits for women is an entity, which is exactly why she set out to change the nature of the industry by launching her very own line of made-to-measure suiting.

Johnna Beckham, founder & CEO of Johnna Marie clothing line

Johnna Beckham, founder & CEO of Johnna Marie clothing line

Beckham’s mission was clear: to create a line of simply sophisticated, tailor-made suits for women professionals who wish to personalize their wardrobe. “There are companies that make custom-suits for men, but there’s a gap in the market for women, partly because men typically have similar figures,” explained Beckham. “Women on the other hand, are different. You can have eight different size eights.”

In just 18 months, Beckham has gotten her idea off the ground and running. Johnna Marie debuted at the St. Louis Business Journal’s 10th Annual Women’s Conference on Friday, Jan. 30, and received unbelievable feedback.

Beckham believes that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a size two or 14, women will always struggle to find something that fits perfectly to their body. Johnna Marie’s mission is to provide women with a comfortable confidence that will enable them to stand in front of a board room and communicate as the intelligent, capable and strong individuals they are.

Beckham specifically aims to empower young women who are just starting their careers by developing a scholarship fund, predicted to launch for the spring, which will provide graduates with a free suit and the skills to network confidently among experienced businesspeople. “Our expectation was that we would go in and take some measurements, but at the end of the day we had so many women that were interested,” said Beckham. “It was really an eye-opener that regardless of our size, we’re all in the same boat.”

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