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St. Louis Cardinals Amateur Draft Analystics Director Sig Mejdal plays a vital role in projecting players’ potential from high school days to the majors, working behind the scenes of our beloved baseball team.


Sig Mejdal, 45
Director, Amateur Draft Analytics
St. Louis Cardinals

Résumé Highlights I’ve worked as a satellite operations engineer, product designer, NASA researcher and even a travel writer. I loved my job at NASA, but when I read the book “Moneyball,” I saw other exciting uses for my quantitative background. I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t try to land a baseball analytics job. Luckily, the St. Louis Cardinals eventually hired me.

Education I have degrees in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from UC Davis and Masters degrees in Mathematical Modeling/Industrial Engineering and Human Factors Engineering from San José State University.

Best Work Day Ever I have fond memories of being at the Major League debut of a
player that I had a part in drafting years beforehand. He went from a row in my spreadsheet to a minor leaguer in our system to, eventually, a contributing Major League player with the Cardinals. To be able to play a part in the decision making of the Cardinals lineup is a thrill, and to help enable a kid to realize his Major League dream is rewarding.

Why His Job Rocks So much of the male population spends a good part of the day scheming for fantasy baseball or football teams; I get to do it for a living. I learn information that provides predictive ability and am part of an organization that has the confidence to actually put these learnings into practice. And it’s baseball. How could this job not rock?

Typical Day I get into the office and work on improving hitting, pitching, fielding, injury and other models we have in place for players from the Major Leagues down to high school. I’m also analyzing past performance data in order to capture it in an algorithm that can be applied to current players. During the college and high school baseball season, I’m reading scouting reports as they come in, and in general, strategizing for the draft. Looking into other sources that can add predictive ability is often a part of my day, too.

Proudest Moment
My first day on the job. Getting this job was not easy. I had imagined it many times while I was an “outsider,” but to actually land the job and go into the stadium for my first day of work gave me goosebumps.

Goals for the Future There’s still a lot of unexplained variability in the draft. Better
analyzing and combining the information available to us today, positioning ourselves
so that we can acquire the information that can help us tomorrow, and simply making optimal draft-day decisions.

Best Job Perk Being able to watch baseball games and call it work.

On Being an Analyst It’s fascinating, never-ending, inspiring.


1464_552.jpgSig Mejdal, analyzes data and strategizes drafts to determine baseball players’ potential for the St. Louis Cardinals


Photo credit: Photos by Attilio D’Agostino

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