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KPLR 11 Anchor/FOX 2 Reporter


The title of TV news anchor has long been a coveted one—even before “Anchorman” and Ron Burgundy. From the celebs this well-known news personality gets to meet (does it get much better than Johnny Depp?) to the hard news stories that get her blood pumping, Melanie Moon is living out her childhood dream.

HOW SHE GOT INTO THE BIZ When I was younger, I always loved watching the news with my dad—I was kind of a dorky news junkie. I wrote for my school paper in high school, so I knew pretty early on that I wanted to be in TV news. While I was still in college, I worked part time for a television station in Tampa Bay, FL, and was actually on-air. I’m sure I would cringe if I saw old recordings of my work, but it was amazing to get that kind of experience before I was 20.

EDUCATION/TRAINING I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and a minor in journalism.

BEST WORK DAY EVER The day I got to fly with the Thunderbirds—I pulled 9 Gs in an F-16 fighter jet! It was the most incredible ride ever. Imagine the best roller coaster ride times 10.

WHY HER JOB ROCKS I get to go places that the average person doesn’t and meet some pretty incredible people. I’ve been lucky enough to do some movie junkets and have interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world: Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and others.

TYPICAL DAY There really is no typical day— that’s what makes TV news so interesting. Some days I stay at the TV station writing copy and anchoring my newscast. Other days I’m out on the street reporting. It’s always a different story, a different location, a different interview. I remember one particular week I spent an afternoon in a chocolate factory doing a Valentine’s Day story; the next day I was covering a double homicide.

PROUDEST MOMENT When I snagged an exclusive interview with a young man who was abducted and stabbed numerous times by a man who turned out to be a serial killer…real “Criminal Minds” stuff.

BEST JOB PERK I’ve gotten to travel to some really cool places, from London to Bora Bora.

ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN I don’t actually memorize my scripts. Yes, some people actually ask me that. Thank goodness for the teleprompter!

FAVORITE INDUSTRY ANECDOTE Early in my career, I actually flustered “The Amazing Kreskin” during a live interview. Let’s just say the world-famous mentalist’s trick didn’t go quite as planned.

BEST THING ABOUT ST. LOUIS The history! I especially love the beautiful historic architecture, from City Hall to the homes in Lafayette Square. I live in a Victorian house that was built in 1894. You can’t find that in a lot of US cities.

BIGGEST MEDIA PET PEEVE People who jump up and down or wave, “Hi mom!” behind you while you’re trying to do a live shot in a very public place. Don’t they realize how silly they look?

GOALS FOR THE FUTURE I just hope to always be doing something I’m so passionate about.




Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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