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Working side by side with famous models, actors, directors and the like is just another day at the office for Lisa Fasone Kalz. Whether for the runway, stage or screen, it’s up to this expert makeup artist to make sure the talent looks just right. Call it the ultimate backstage pass with more than enough perks to go around.

How She Got Into the Biz
The idea came from my father. I was ready to make a move out of the cosmetic industry, but I still loved working with faces and color. He recommended that I train specifically in industry makeup (film, TV, fashion and SFX). It was the best decision of my life.

I attended Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Burbank, CA. I then came back to St. Louis and networked myself like crazy until I landed my first job for an indie film called “Fighter.”

Best Work Day Ever
A few best work days include working on Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films like “Up In The Air” and “About Schmidt,” as well as “Dumbbells” and “Saving Grace B. Jones.” The energy was unreal, and I formed long-term friendships with many of the actors.

Why Her Job Rocks
My job rocks on many levels. Not only do I have the flexibility to do what I love and meet so many people along the way, but I also get to observe the careers of others in my industry—film, fashion, TV and print—that I find interesting.

Typical Day
My days are always fun and challenging, yet never the same. When I’m on a commercial or editorial job, I usually arrive about an hour earlier than the talent to set up my makeup and hair kits, meet with the director, photographer, creative director or client, and ask about the inspiration or storyboard for the project. Whether they’re going for natural, a business look, fashionable, trendy, character-focused, etc., makes all the difference in how I will execute the look. Film is different. We meet in pre-production and create the looks of the characters after reading the script and setting up hair/makeup tests with the actors.

Proudest Moment
I was working as the department head on the film “Heaven’s Rain” with Taryn Manning and Mike Vogel. We were in our 18th hour of the most important murder scene in the script, and I noticed important placements of blood were missing from the actors and the scene. I approached the director with my concern, and I was asked to direct that scene for inserts. I really didn’t think much about it—we were all exhausted—but I’m glad I stepped in.

Best Job Perk
I get to travel and create on a regular basis. Also, all of the amazing clients I’ve worked with over the years: Tatum O’Neal, Mickey Rourke, George Clooney, Robert Plant, Tbone Burnett, Penelope Ann Miller, Elisabeth Röhm (we’ve been close friends for 10 years now), Laura Bush, Jack Buck (what a gem), Outkast, Michael Bublé…I’ve had so many great opportunities and memories.

One Thing People Would be Surprised to Learn
That I become a therapist—my role is to make people feel good about themselves and look beautiful and to keep them in character. Somehow, I can help set the stage.

Favorite Anecdote
One of my favorites was working on the film “Dumbbells.” The filming was so hilarious that I got yelled at repeatedly by the director for laughing at every scene. I got so sick to my stomach just by holding back the laughs! At the wrap party, the director came up to me to thank me for my work and to apologize. Thank you Hoyt Richards and Brian Drolet for making me smile!

Goals for the Future
To create and teach industry makeup and continue my craft abroad—I absolutely love my job!



Lisa Fasone Kalz


Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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