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29, Senior Designer, CURE Design Group


Call it an obsession with beautiful things—Jacob Laws would. The award-winning interior designer has dedicated his life to perfecting the living spaces of others. The best part? There’s still plenty of “room” for more.

How He Got Into the Biz
Unofficially, rearranging my parents’ and family friends’ houses at age 4; I just couldn’t help myself. Officially, I got my start at a firm in West County, which is where my now business partner and I had an immediate connection. Eventually, we launched CURE, and the rest is history.

I went to school for Art History, which contributes to my work every day. But, growing up surrounded by all forms of art and design is definitely what initially inspired me. My parents enrolled me in summer classes at Saint Louis Art Museum when I was very young, and I fell in love. Also, seeing the international design projects of my wildly talented Uncle Phillip opened my eyes to the endless possibilities my industry provides.

Best Work Day Ever
Having a client who gave me carte blanche on both vision and budget at our first meeting. That’s a rarity and such a compliment to have someone really captured by your previous work and hand over that kind of trust, which allows me to flex my design muscles.

Why His Job Rocks
Being able to get up every day and be grateful to be doing what I love. How that influences my quality of life is something that is truly priceless. Also, being able to utilize and harness my creative energy and implement it in a way that also influences my clients’ quality of life is fantastic.

Typical Day
Starbucks has become a close personal friend. If it’s a good morning, the gym comes first, followed by a call to my business partner, Sara (she’s my better half ). Next comes
check-ins with my contractors on jobs; followups with clients; showroom searches; texts, texts, emails, emails; great music while I’m driving from project site to project site…hopefully, in the evening I can get to a spin class, which helps me unwind, then dinner with friends or a date with my DVR while I work a little more.

Proudest Moment
It can be something as little as finding the perfect Milo Baughman chairs that cost next to nothing at a flea market, or having a client tell me that the work I’ve done has exceeded expectations. As far as accolades go, I’m very proud to have been named “One of the
Top 7 Designers in St. Louis” and having won six industry awards in two years.

Best Job Perk
Having access to the best pieces through the design trade. If some people are addicted to shoes or clothes (which come in a close second for me), my addictions are furniture, fixtures, vintage lighting and one-of-a-kind finds.

Goals for the Future
To keep building our brand is No. 1, and creating beautiful, innovative and functional living spaces that are dynamic and transcend trends. I’d eventually like to have a product line that would make my aesthetic accessible to a larger demographic than just private clients.



Jacob Laws

Jacob Laws


Photo credit: Attilio DAgostino

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