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Trina Bellavance


Nobody can get you into the holiday spirit like Trina Bellavancethough you probably wont realize shes the reason youre suddenly humming “Jingle Bell Rock” amidst the chaos of yet another shopping marathon. Walk into this visual managers festive hideaway, and youre immediately transported into a merry mindsetwhich can be great for your holiday Zen, but dangerous for your holiday wallet.

Trina Bellavance, 38
Visual Manager, Anthropologie

How She Got Into the Biz. Ive always been interested in art, fashion and interior design, and Ive always loved the aesthetic of Anthropologie. So, I started as a part-time sales associate with the company in the late 90s, and worked my way up from there. Having explored other opportunities over the years, I was fortunate to return to the company when my husband and I relocated from Boston.

Education/Training. I have a BA in Studio Art from the University of Vermont and an MFA in Fine Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Ive also worked in a decorative painting studio and an art gallery, decorated an entire office building, merchandised cutting-edge fashion and designed props for events.

Best Work Day Ever. Its not so much a day, but 10 days. The first time I participated in a new store opening for the company was the most intense, inspiring, collaborative thing I have ever done. Transforming the space from an empty shell into an awe-inspiring environment with a team of incredibly talented people was kind of magical.

Why Her Job Rocks. I use my creativity every day. How many people can say that? Im constantly surrounded by beautiful things, and have the freedom to create environments that inspire others.

Typical Day. I might start by placing new holiday party dresses, move on to tabletop merchandising and finish out the day prepping a display for installation. I set the floor plan and determine which furniture and fixtures are best for each concept, as well as merchandise home and apparel products to create balance and harmony throughout.

Proudest Moment. When James Taylor offered to buy a sweet little dog painting I made as a prop for one of our concepts. It was a holiday display at our Chestnut Hill, MA, location. He came across it while shopping and fell in love with it.

Role for the Holidays. Holiday prep is intense. We start with inspiration from our Home Office and then look at blogs, books, movies, magazines, galleries, junk shops, you name it. We think about our space, lighting and layout, and determine how things should live within the store. We spend a lot of time sourcing materials and experimenting with them before executing the concept.

Best Job Perk. The amazing product (at a discount!), and the truly great people I meet.

Goals for the Future. To push further and be more innovative.



Trina Bellavance

Trina Bellavance


Photo credit: Photo by Attilio Dagostino

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