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Join the chained gang in the seasons chunky and layered metallic accessories.


While a chain bauble can undoubtedly skew refined (the more shiny and hefty, the more sophisticated the look), there is something so sexy about donning any piece of jewelry inspired by literal hardware. Both with and sans shackles, necklaces and bracelets composed of heavy-metal links communicate a utilitarian edge that is equal parts provocative and of-the-moment. The nuts and bolts of the trend are brushed gold, gunmetal and silver incarnations of wristlets with stacked strands, multi-layered matinee necklaces and bold cuffs. Shop now, but be forewarned; attempting to achieve the decidedly rugged look on the cheap via a trip to Home Depot comes with its consequences—specifically, feeling weighed down and smelling like a toolbox.

[Left] Bracelet & Necklace available at Mary Jane’s, Central West End, 314.367.8867. [Middle] Bracelet available at The Silver Lady, Central West End, 314.367.7587. Necklace available at Mary Jane’s. [Right] Bracelet available at Alixandra Collections, Ladue, 314.997.2360. Necklace available at Mary Jane’s.




Photo credit: Photo by Carmen Troesser

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