Jewelry: It’s About Time

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The statement piece no one could have predicted.


If you’re a fan of shopping modernity-meets-timeless design, consider this season your golden opportunity. Putting innovative spins on a style that faces extinction, designers Michael Kors, Michele, Movado and others launched a trend about as unexpected as the existence of a nightly family dinner: the statement watch. Bold in stature and shade (metallic-gold and bright-white lead the pack), those most coveted touch on the au courant in ready-to-wear, including inspiration from the men’s department and mom’s attic. Wear one now, if only as decoration; you could always set it for 6pm as a reminder of your just-as-old-school obligation.



Statement Watches

[From top] Michele Watch available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200. Movado Watches available at the Diamond Shop, Clayton, 314.721.2210. Michael Kors Watch available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Omega Ladymatic Watch available at Omega, Plaza Frontenac, 314.432.6400.


Photo credit: Photo by Carmen Troesser

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