Jewelry Exclusive: Pick the Perfect Pair at Decor

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Play matchmaker at Decor, where your dream diamond and setting await.

To whomever came up with the whole one size fits all concept, nice try. More often than not, what is labeled as such actually fits very few—especially when it comes to style. Not just limited to clothing, the same goes for jewelry; a setting paired with a diamond that fits one person’s tastes in terms of cut and size may not be the dream setting for a bride-to-be who’s picturing a larger diamond in a princess versus an oval cut. In a perfect world, the pairing of settings and stones would be more customized, allowing couples to shop both an impressive selection of settings and a multitude of the highest-quality loose stones available at the best price, and that’s exactly what the experts at Decor Interiors & Jewelry offer. Shop their Chesterfield showroom, and build the ring that fits both your budget and your style.

Photos courtesy of Turec Advertising.

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