Jewelry Exclusive: Nice Stack

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As personal as it is beautiful, a collection of stackable diamond rings is an elegant way to cherish lifes special moments.


If the last time you added to a piece of jewelry was as a kid, when clipping new, colorful, tiny-bell-bedecked charms of blow dryers, baby bottles and tennis rackets onto a plastic chain necklace, then youll wish you had discovered Tiffany & Co. Celebration Rings many milestones, anniversaries and birthdays ago. An elegant way to commemorate your every special life moment, these dazzling, dainty rings created by the iconic Tiffany & Co. can be combined to make a truly personal jewelry statement. Whether you choose pops of color by way of pink and blue sapphires, an array of diamond cuts, a mix of platinum and gold or find a favorite that you want to stack four-high, each row will call to mind a special day; a time youll treasure for years to come.

Available at Tiffany & Co., Plaza Frontenac, 314.692.2255.


311_169.jpgAvailable at Tiffany & Co.


Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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