Jamie Hayes, Paula Wilson Of Ethical Fashion Line 'Production Mode' Host A Creative Pop-Up Event

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Chicagoan Jamie Hayes and D. Beaumont Fellow at Washington University Paula Wilson are teaming up for a creative pop-up event in St. Louis this weekend. Hayes and Wilson are a seasoned team in merging art and fashion and their new ethical fashion label, Production Mode, showcases their skillful collaboration.

Production Mode

Photo courtesy of ProductionModeChicago.com.

On March 28, Hayes will be presenting her line of hand screen-printed leather goods, while Wilson, the print designer for Production Mode, will pyropgraph on leather. The event will be hosted by Enamel, a southside space co-run by artists Angela Malchionno and Carly Hilo, whose mission it is to highlight both process of creation and the final product.

Hayes’ lifework of creating an ethical fashion label coincides perfectly with that mission—to connect customers with the process behind the product. “It means being transparent about where you source all of the different inputs, like fabric and labor,” says Hayes. “It’s strange to me that this is a radical stamp, but a lot of labels don’t know where their sources come from, or claim that they don’t. “

Production Mode emphasizes small batch production by remaining a made-to-order collection, implemented to minimize ecological and financial waste. The label also prides itself on exclusively using leather that is vegetable-tanned, which is not only an eco-friendly process but adds unique marks and individuality to each piece.

Production Mode’s newest line is of high contrast, featuring both minimalist and maximalist pieces with not much in between. “We create singular, limited edition garments for individuals who care about how things are made,” says Hayes. “We want to raise the bar in the fashion industry so that this becomes the norm.”

See the fascinating creative process behind Production Mode along with their newest collection of items at a pop-up shop on Saturday evening from 4-8pm at The Enamel Project, 3123 Morganford Road.

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