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We know you’ve already RSVP’d for Well Crafted (and if you haven’t—what are you waiting for?) and to get you even more excited about the event, we decided to introduce you to the well-crafted vendors! We can’t wait to sample whiskey and talk to local makers about their amazing work. Don’t miss out on your own opportunity to sample, talk and see the premiere of The Spotlight Series latest film by Once films. You know you want to.


Photo courtesy of Beltshazzar Jewels

Beltshazzar Jewels
For the world-travelers or those with a serious case of wanderlust, Theresa Wangia from Beltshazzar Jewels has the perfect handmade jewelry and leather accessories inspired by her multicultural heritage, native tribes and urban landscapes. Learn more about her family’s own well-crafted history —or you can ask her yourself at Well Crafted!


Photo courtesy of Butt’n Booty

Butt’n Booty
Never again do you have to go without a reminder of your love for Justin Timberlake or your secret guilty pleasures. The adorable founders of Butt’n Booty, Julie Rechtien and Brittany Boynton, have created the perfect little accessories for the unique and fun-loving spirit. Get your collection started now and thank us later.


Photo courtesy of Clementine’s

These creamy confections are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and are 100 percent delicious. The organically tasty Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery creates all-natural, made-from-scratch candies, cookies, cakes and ice creams in Lafayette Square. And, if you’re 21 and older, there’s an exclusively “naughty” menu just for you. Explore the menu and get your appetite ready.



Photo courtesy of The Collab

The Collab
The local design studio focuses on innovative, unique interior and product design through wood and digital practices to create small scale, functional objects, custom furniture and casework. Founder Albie Mitchell has quite the experience under his belt and many spectacular pieces to present this Tuesday.


Photo courtesy of Collin Garrity

Collin Garrity
Forget boredom and unoriginality with this talented vendor and supplier of tables, toys, games, guitars, poetry, images and tools to keep your curiosity alive. From original design to classic and practical goods, Collin Garrity Woodworking has something for the kid in you and for the old soul. Catch a glimpse of his one-of-a-kind pieces before the event begins!



Photo courtesy of Craft Alliance

Craft Alliance of Art + Design
Since 1964, Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design has created of artists, collectors, students and the general art-viewing public with a mission to inspire and educate through many free classes and family programs in contemporary craft. The nonprofit space in The Loop also provides exhibition space and art studios for the community of artists.



Photo courtesy of East + West

East + West
There’s nothing slowing down three-year-old vendor East + West. The shop provides high-quality and authentic products and experiences to fit each unique lifestyle with brands from around the nation and events celebrating local art and food. We promise you won’t be able to find their one-of-a-kind products and personality anywhere else in STL. Shop their store and get to know them here.



Photo courtesy of Fable & Lore

Fable & Lore
Calling all free spirits! Made in a local, sunny home studio, Fable & Lore provides handcrafted metal and mineral jewelry with urban St. Louis inspiration. The fashion-forward and insanely beautiful pieces will get you noticed in a crowd and make a perfect gift for all of your friends (or for yourself).



Photo courtesy of Flowers + Weeds

Flowers + Weeds
Skip the traditional florist and head straight to Flowers and Weeds to meet the creators of this one-of-a-kind flower and garden boutique. No matter the typical St. Louis weather, you will not be able to leave the shop without something beautiful from the garden. Perfect for gifts and seasonal decor, you can find house plants, terrariums, succulents and cacti potted in upcycled and vintage containers.



Photo courtesy of Lateef Accessories

Lateef Accessories
This is just another one of STL’s many fast-growing businesses that every minimalist-lover and modern trendsetter needs to see. Owner Shayba Muhammad recently created this brand with inspiration from modern design and multi-cultural influences. The artisan-quality and high-end craftsmanship paired with raw materials creates elegant pieces to complement your style and ever-growing closet.



Photo courtesy of Lonesome Traveler

Lonesome Traveler
To all of our free spirits, world travelers and wanderlust-driven folks, here is yet another Well Crafted vendor you need to meet. Owner Jenny Shulkin creates her classic menswear accessories from vintage and new fabrics from her worldly travels. Cultures, people, stories and more have inspired her growing collection and will get you in the mood for your own adventure.



Photo courtesy of NGB Knifeworks

NHB Knifeworks
Have you been looking for the perfect knife? Or maybe looking for your own piece of “knife-art?” Well, you will be after you meet culinary instructor and NHB Knifeworks owner, Nate Bonner. From paring and petty knives to chef and specialty assortments, the pieces are made with a variety of steels, all with handmade handles and custom patterns. Prepare your kitchen for an entirely new cooking experience and get a headstart on your shopping here.



Photo courtesy of Side Project Skateboards

Side Project Skateboards
A classic story of following your heart has brought us Jake Eshelman and an incredible brand of handmade skateboards inspired by the early ’60s DIY spirit of nascent skate culture. Each skateboard is, without a doubt, one of a kind and made with passion and a love for the craft. The raw materials and American-made components create a unique aesthetic for each piece and you will definitely be leaving with something you’ll never find elsewhere.

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