'Industry Night' Designer Recap: Wai Ming

 In Style

Emily Koplar pleased the crowd on Thursday with her parade of sporty, ready-to-wear pieces line in Wai Ming’s first collection. Each piece portrayed a different woman on-the-go, from playful dresses to chic work wear. The spring collection for Wai Ming represented the fashionable woman who wants every piece of her wardrobe to look effortless.

Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine and Saint Louis Fashion Week.

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9641

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9660

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9670

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9744

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9768

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9726

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9694

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9710

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9835

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9786

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9809

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9862

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9846

Project Design_Runway_Wing_Schwigen-9886

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