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Star Kristin "Pam" Bauer shares the gory details on what happens behind the scenes of the hit HBO series, "True Blood."

It may feel like an eternity since Season 2 of “True Blood” ended, but fans will get their fix this Sunday, June 13, when Season 3 kicks off. Former Washington University in St. Louis student Kristin Bauer, who graced ALIVE’s cover in May, divulges more details on what goes into making the hit series.

“True Blood” stars frequently work the night shift.
“If the scene is outside, it’s gotta be dark,” Bauer says. Once the bloodsucking’s done, the crew needs to get its beauty sleep. “As the sun is coming up, we are racing to get home and get in bed.” So much for living the nightlife.

The first order of business for new vamps on the set: a fang fitting.

Bauer, a “True Blood” cast member since Season 1, enhanced her incisors shortly after reporting to Masters FX in Los Angeles in spring 2007. “I’m sitting at the special effects house, and they have all along the walls all the severed heads and body parts from big movies over the years,” she says. “And then the guy’s stickin’ the mold in my mouth, which feels like you’re at the dentist. I’m in a dentist’s chair surrounded by severed heads … and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, this is my work. This is what I do for a living. [Laughs] This is awesome.’”

Fashion comes first on the “True Blood” set.
Ever hunted a maenad in stilettos? Bauer has, and it wasn’t easy. The sexy slayer said Pam’s black leather corset is another labor of love. Standing-room only – no sitting.

On occasion Bon Temps vampires have to sweat.
“It’s just not as immortal and powerful and cool sometimes when we’re filming as it looks later on screen,” Bauer says. Take running with a breather over your shoulder, something Stephen Moyer (aka Bill) did in an early scene he shared with Bauer. “And then Stephen has to swoop Anna (Paquin) up with superhuman strength and run,” says Bauer, who remembers that Moyer was breathing heavily. “That’s not easy to look like she weighs nothing.”

Old flames don’t die.
On-screen cohorts Pam and Eric (played by Bauer’s co-star Alexander Skargård) haven’t always been just business partners. “Alexander and I talk about how we used to be an item when we first met 100 years ago,” Bauer says. Will the passion reignite in Season 3? Bauer’s response was cryptic: “The relationship between Eric and Pam is developing.”

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