In 2016 Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Celebrates 5 Years of Sustainable Business and Brewing

By Mackenzie Taylor
In Culture

Celebrating its five-year anniversary in 2016, Urban Chestnut has been serving popular brews to critical acclaim. Walking into The Grove location, the air is thick with the inviting smell of the brews and house-made pretzels. Locals clink their glasses across the sturdy wooden tables and shop up front for shirts, posters, coolers and a bevy of other Urban Chestnut Brewing Company merch.

Over the past five years, co-founder David Wolfe has noticed the beer market in St. Louis evolve. When Urban Chestnut started, craft breweries were few and far between, but now they are popping up all over the place which, Wolfe reflects, couldn’t happen without a supportive community that wants local and distinct brews. “St. Louis was kind of behind in the evolution of local craft beer because Anheuser-Busch had and has been such a dominant player locally, but we always expected there was going to be that opportunity for smaller local brewers and, excitingly, that’s what we’re seeing today,” Wolfe states.


Photo by Matt Kile

The variety could be seen as competition in the area, but Urban Chestnut has been instrumental in crafting a conversation around supporting other small businesses. “No one is really in direct competition with one another because the people who like craft beer are not going to just stick with one place and forget the rest. We do festivals together all the time,” notes Ashley Troutman, business and marketing operations manager.

To showcase the brewery’s overall support, Urban Chestnut is will be hosting its annual Wolpertinger Festival in late January, where local breweries will be setting up shop and joining UCBC as they celebrate five years of UCBC brews.

The company is invested in all aspects of giving back to STL from supporting other local craft brews to “Urban Efforts”–intentional measures to help the brewer be a better global and local citizen. The tasks don’t stop at the numerous not-for-profit donations. Plus, the company ensures it is as green as possible with 95 percent of its disposable waste either being recycled and or composted.

“We are really big on sustainability and going green. We are LEED-certified, which is really hard to get. It means we operate a sustainable business. We try to reuse as many things as we can. We have solar panels on each brewery. We even reuse our brewing water,” Troutman explain.

Looking around the large space, it’s easy to see why she’s so proud of Urban Chestnut. While most companies wouldn’t put a large effort in making sure they were as environmentally friendly as possible, Urban Chestnut goes above and beyond. Now, while you’re sipping one of their delicious lagers or ales, you can drink with even more satisfaction, knowing you’re drinking a beer that’s helping save the environment.

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