How To Say Thank You: Text, Email and Note

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Oftentimes, we get so busy in life that we forget to tell someone “thank you.” Around major holidays and birthdays, we tend to remember, but anytime in between—like a co-worker buying us lunch or a job interview that went really well—a nice “thank you” tends to get lost in the shuffle. This week, we’re remembering to say a nice “thanks!” and made a guide on the different ways to do it.


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Who? Friends, parents, love interest
How? A short, quick message to your friends, family or significant other after whatever act of kindness was done for you. We recommend using lots of “!” and all-caps. Ex. THANK YOU!!
Emoji? Yes, always. The “kissy face” and “praising hands” are our go-tos. If an emoji doesn’t say it all for you, try a gif. Our favorite one to use? Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby.

Who? Employer, co-worker, long-distance friend, professor
How? A well-written, eloquent email can go a long way, especially after someone did something above and beyond for you. Try not to use slang and be as professional as possible. However, if you’re looking to send something a bit snazzier than a typical email, head to Paperless Post. The website has an array of options for you to choose from to make the “thank you” a bit more personal.
Emoji? Best not, unless it’s a well placed “:).”

Hand-written Note
Who? Anyone you need to say a ‘proper’ thank you to
How? Refer to the actual gift and/or action (talk specifically about it!) and why it meant something to you. Sign off with “warmly,” “fondly,” “kindly,” “best” or “affectionately.” If you’re on the hunt for the perfect card to carry your note, head to Bowood Farms, Firecracker Press, Bohème Eatlier or Lusso for adorable stationary that fits your personality.
Emoji? There’s never anything wrong with a nice hand-written heart.

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