How To Rock A Suit Instead Of A Dress This NYE

 In Style

Sure, a sparkly cocktail dress is a great thing to wear to a New Year’s Eve party, but what about trying a different option that’s just as sexy?

A slim cut suit is a must for a woman’s wardrobe, not only to wear to professional office environments, but also to mix and match in countless ways. Wearing one in lieu of a dress for cocktail parties and events is one of my personal favorite tips to stand out from the crowd. Here are three ways to transform the “conservative” staple into a sassy go-to night out look.

1/ Sub that stuffy button-up for a lingerie top, heels, statement necklace and sparkly bag for a look that instantly channels fashion icon Bianca Jagger or Jerry Hall.


Suit NYE 1


2/ A beaded top gives the same suit a different look with the addition of a faux fur stole, nude heels and pops of rich berry.

Suit NYE 2


3/ A cluster of broaches on the jacket lapel, sheer turtleneck (or any type of bodysuit), and fur accents are a perfect take on a more traditional approach to suiting.


Suit NYE 3
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