How To Redecorate Your Home Without Buying A Thing

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Winter tends to have us all spending more time at home, nesting and taking inventory of the things we have and the things we want. Sure, spending an afternoon lusting (and probably shopping) at the new Ikea is tempting, but if you don’t have—or don’t want to use—the funds to do any major projects, there’s a way to take a step back and redecorate without buying anything. This is actually one of my favorite things to do and is both fun and fulfilling to get creative and utilize what you already have to freshen things up.

Photo by Sarah Stallmann.

Photo by Sarah Stallmann.

The one tip that has really helped me out with this task? Creating vignettes. Focus on one portion of a room at a time instead of the entire thing. Here’s a closer look:

1/ Start with a clean slate and remove all decor. Without the clutter, you can identify if everything is in the right place, or if you have too much of anything.

2/ Ask functionality questions to determine how to rearrange. Does the arrangement make the room easy to walk through? Easy to conversate with guests? Is the television your centerpiece? Or rather a fabulous piece of artwork?

3/ Make the moves. I have a mantle, and instead of using that as a shelf for the television, I created another visual vignette. I also swapped out my bulky, modern couch for a Mid-Century one—it’s actually a few feet longer—but the low, clean style helps make the room look so much bigger.

4/ Redecorate and style. After rearranging furniture and electronics to maximize your space, begin to focus on one area or vignette at a time rather than the entire room as a whole. Less is more—and don’t be afraid of blank space.

  • Bring in items from other rooms to supplement or trade out.
  • Don’t feel forced to keep things that don’t work.
  • Be creative with art work (you don’t need to hang everything).
  • Recycle old magazines, use magazine rack to store records, books or bookazines.
  • Use books as decor instead of hiding away.
  • Group items by color scheme in vignette.
  • Edit, edit, edit.

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