How To Re-Style The Clothes You Have Mid-Season

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If you are anything like me, once you get into the middle of a season, you are already getting a bit sick of certain pieces from your wardrobe that you tend to gravitate toward the most frequently. A great trick to not run out and spend more money mid-season (unless there’s a fabulous sale) is to re-style some of the items you already have. Here are some tips that I have utilized in my own closet:

Photo courtesy of Blush Boutique.

Photo courtesy of Blush Boutique.

1/ Cut something up. This is the most drastic of the tips, which seems like a great place to start. For anything that you are on the verge of getting rid of, have worn to death, or are just “over,” grab a pair of fabric scissors and create a whole new piece to love. View my tips on how to easily snip your clothes into something new and fabulous here.

2/ Experiment with layering. Summer layers are a thing—Tanks over tees, strapless and off-shoulder tops over button-ups, dresses with pants. If you get creative, you can have a whole new way to wear your wardrobe in an instant.

3/ Mix and match dressy and casual. Some of the cutest off-the-cuff outfits stem from unlikely styling combos and the juxtaposition of dressy and casual, which is a piece of cake to translate into your daily dressing. Pair vintage tees with office-friendly trousers, cut-off shorts with poplin button-ups and throw on your sequins with anything—yes, even in the middle of summer.

4/ Add pins or patches. Accessories are a great way to switch up a look—specifically by adding pins and patches to add interest to even the most boring black blazer, or wear-it-with-anything denim jacket.


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