How To Pack For Different Climates

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It’s travel season, and although most of us are headed somewhere close to home, others are booking trips across the globe that require a bit of packing expertise to coordinate. Here’s a few tips on how to pack for different climates so you aren’t left out in the cold …

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Photo courtesy of Pexels

1/ The Beach: The key for beach vacation packing? Coming equipped with easy silhouettes that take you from the ocean to the tiki bar. Swimwear and cover-ups can get you through the day, and for the evening, wrap dresses, linen co-ords and espadrilles are your go-to’s for nice beach-side dinners and nights on the town. Don’t forget your travel-ready beauty routine!

2/ The Desert: Sure, the desert is hotter than you-know-what during the day, but once the sun goes down, be sure to come equipped with layers to fight the overnight chill. We suggest playing up the Southwestern theme by packing your boho best: turquoise jewelry, fringed leather, boots and a bandana to shield your face from the dust.

4/ The Woods: Whether you are roughing it—i.e. camping—or heading to a lovely cabin in the Smokies, comfort is key when it comes to spending a weekend in the woods. Stock your bag with easy basics that can be mixed and matched: denim and flannels are your best friends in the evening, while cut-offs and loose-fitting tops will help you fight the humidity during the day. Don’t forget proper footwear as well: hiking boots or sneakers for adventures in the woods, and a pair of slides for river or lake time.

5/ The City: The big city makes a great getaway in-between jaunts to the country, and is a great way to have some fun without the worry of unpredictable weather. Although the temperature range depends on the climate, a few things to always remember when heading on a urban vacay are comfortable and stylish walking shoes, an easy carry-all (like a sleek backpack) and fashionable layering items that can take you from day-to-night. No matter if you are taking a touristy trip or a shopping trip, staying stylish is a necessity in the big city environment—because being a tourist and looking like a tourist are two very different things.

Happy travels!

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