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Ludo returns to St. Louis for an unforgettable holiday show.


A few years ago, the garage rockers of Ludo were standing outside concerts at The Pageant handing out demo CDs. Now, they can easily pack the place at the drop of a Santa hat. In fact, this is the first year the STL-bred rockers had to book a second holiday gig in Chicago to reduce overflow at The Pageant. The band went national in 2008 with its major-label debut, “You’re Awful, I Love You,” but has never lost affection for its hometown. We caught up with lead singer Andrew Volpe and synth player Tim Convy to chat about the show, fan love and rocker success.

ALIVE: What can we expect at A Very Ludo Christmas?
Andrew Volpe: It’s everything you can imagine about Christmas, good and bad, wrapped up in a little box…then it explodes in your face.

ALIVE: Anything we should do to prepare ourselves?
AV: Everyone should come to the show dressed up in holiday attire. That means your most hideous Christmas sweaters, reindeer horns, Santa hats and elf costumes.
Tim Convy: We should clarify that fans do not have to bring gifts for the band to the show. We actually give you gifts.

ALIVE: Do you get gifts from fans often?
AV: Our fans are pretty rabid—if they like us, they like us a lot. So, we get a lot of art and other things thrown at us at shows.
TC: We do get a lot of art, which we appreciate, like Ludo portraits and drawings of songs.

ALIVE: What was it like to get your start as a band here in St. Louis?
TC: We had absolutely no idea what we were doing when we started, so it was really more about getting out there and learning than trying to infiltrate ourselves into a scene. We grew up being inspired by a lot of great local bands like The Urge, MU330 and Stir…they inspired us to be a band.
AV: We really didn’t get into other bands’ shows back then—our bread and butter was not being in the scene at all. It was standing outside venues handing out demos and begging people to come to our shows.

ALIVE: How have your fans changed since then?
TC: Honestly, I really don’t feel like our fans have changed that much at all. Obviously now there are a lot more of them, but we still have a really close relationship, talking to them and hanging out after shows. It doesn’t feel too different.

ALIVE: What was it like to hear yourselves on the radio for the first time?
AV: The first time I got really excited about hearing one of our songs on the radio was when we were driving into LA [for a show], listening to KROCK and heard “Love Me Dead” come on. Although we’d heard it on local stations and college radio before, here we were driving into a city knowing that untold thousands of people were hearing it at that very moment— whether they were loving it, or absolutely hating it and changing the channel.

ALIVE: What are you working on now?
AV: Right now, I’m writing a novel based on our EP “The Broken Bride.”

ALIVE: Aren’t you due for a new record soon?
AV: Our MO is that when it’s time to make a record, we all kind of look at each other and say, “Hey, let’s go make a record.”
TC: We do things when we’re inspired to do them, rather than being confined to deadlines. We feel like we do a better job that way.

ALIVE: How do you keep the buzz going when it’s a while in between projects?
TC: We’re pretty engaged with our fans in general, so we’re never too far away. As long as there’s always something coming up, our fans are very loyal. We’re lucky.

See them for yourselves at A Very Ludo Christmas Dec. 10 at The Pageant. Tickets and more info at ludorock.com. Follow Andrew’s progress on the “Broken Bride” novel at brokenbride.tumblr.com.






Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Ludo

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