Hit the Road, Jack

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ALIVE spirits writer Matt Sorrell takes his bartending skills on the road.


Tapping into an audience that’s eager for a healthy dose of cocktail knowledge—as well as a strong drink—ALIVE spirits writer Matt Sorrell has started a traveling bartending service named Cocktails Are Go to deliver in-home tastings and educational sessions at house parties and social gatherings. An active member of the St. Louis restaurant scene, Matt found his interest piqued as much by the elaborate dishes as it was by the drinks that accompanied them. So, he got himself certified as a member of the US Bartenders Guild, signed up for a BarSmarts course in New York, began bartending on the side and traveled to Scotland to tour distilleries.

It wasn’t long before Matt got hooked on the history behind each drink—researching and pondering the origins of the Old Fashioned or the transformative history of the Manhattan. Matt found no shortage of intriguing historical accounts and soon realized he could unite his bartending skills and bookworm tendencies by offering traveling bartending services with a twist.

Serving groups ranging from four to 15 people, Matt shows up with booze and glassware in tow and sets up shop, mixing half-sized cocktails based around one of the five themed packages he offers—including a look at the history behind the evolution of the king of cocktails, the martini, and a lesson on the historical role New Orleans played in the creation of such classics as the Sazerac and Gin Fiz, to name a few. And, of course, it’s not just a tall glass of refreshment that Matt brings to the party. Cocktails Are Go comes with a history lesson, recipe cards and suggested reading list for all of its patrons. We’ll drink to that. More info at cocktails-are-go.com.



Hit the Road


Photo credit: Matthew Strm

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