Here's How a Pizza Kit from Katie's Pizza & Pasta Osteria Works

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Ever have those days when all you want is to do is eat pizza—and good pizza that doesn’t come from a freezer or require leaving the comfort of your home? I certainly have, and chef Katie Collier of Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria recently offered a solution with pizza kits delivered to your home.

Imagine coming home to this at your front door.


For the first run, 250 Katie’s Pizza Kits were delivered to make the classic, delicious pizza Margherita. I gladly made the pizza to show you how it went.

Sealed in an insulated bag, the kit came with all the ingredients, along with easy-to-follow instructions.


No rolling pins! Per Collier’s instructions, use your hands to shape the dough into the pie—and there’s no such thing as a perfectly-shaped crust, so you’re encouraged to have fun with it. She demonstrates this process well in her YouTube video.

A generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil coats the crust.

Next, giant basil leaves are added to give that sweet, peppery bite and wonderful color.

Burrata cheese, big clumps of torn burrata cheese.

Halved cherry tomatoes with another drizzle of olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper to finish before placing in a smoking hot oven.


After 8-12 minutes, the pizza is ready. That crispy, golden crust is almost ready to eat.


A (generous) drizzle of balsamic reduction completes the pizza. After marveling at your accomplishment, it’s time to dive in—which I did pretty quickly.


According to Collier, the trial run received almost 100 percent positive feedback—which was a pleasant surprise.

“A lot of the feedback was about the crust and the experience,” she says. “We worked really hard to ensure quality dough that wasn’t compromised by travel. People were also really surprised by how fun and easy the experience was.”

This was a true family endeavor for Collier, as her partners for this are her husband, Ted Collier, brother Johnny Lee and mother Belinda Lee. They are currently working on analyzing all of the data and feedback collected and building a team. While she cannot say when the kits will be available to the public, she does encourage you to stay tuned for updates.

Until then, head to Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria for some great eats.

9568 Manchester Road, Rock Hill

All images by Katlyn Moncada

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