15 Halloween Movies You Can Binge-Watch On Netflix This Weekend

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If you’re anything like me, on Halloween you like to grab a bowl of candy and put on a great scary movie. Good thing for us, Netflix exists with fantastic options to get your scary movie fix. Here are 15 movies you can stream this weekend.


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1/ “Scream” 
Creepy phone stalker. Killer in a ghost mask. What more could you want?

2/ “Silence of the Lambs”
Classic cop-chasing-a-serial-killer movie with a whole lot of cannibalism.

3/ “From Dusk Till Dawn” 
Two criminals—George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino—are on the run. They have taken hostages and unknowingly seek refuge with vampires. You know this one will be good.

4/ “The Babadook”
Bedtime stories turn into deadtime stories. You know we had to go there.

5/ “The Omen”
The one where the little boy is a murdering sociopath. Creepy and might make you never want to have children. Ever.

6/ “Oculus”
Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought you saw something creepy inside of it? Well, you will after seeing this film.

7/ “Rosemary’s Baby”
A classic film about a woman becoming mysteriously pregnant and paranoid about the safety of her unborn child. Again, why would you want to have children after seeing this?

8/ “The Others”
Haunted house and Nicole Kidman. Yes, please.

9/ “Let the Right One In”
A bullied outcast and a dark, mysterious girl strike up one deadly friendship.

10/ “Scream 2”
Everyone who survived the first film heads to college and you’ll never guess who decides to come along with them.

11/ “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’
A pretty bad town gets a lot worse when a vampire starts walking their streets. And, she’s got a lot up her sleeve.

12/ “The Awakening”
A spooky English thriller about a writer and ghost hunter investigating a haunting at a boys’ boarding school. Why anyone would go to a boarding school in rural England is beyond me.

13/ “Sleepy Hollow”
Deaths, decapitations and Johnny Depp. Nothing can be better on Halloween.

14/ “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? The world may never know, so we must watch it during both holidays.

15/ “Scream 3”
Because now that you’ve seen the first two, you have to watch the third one.

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