Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Chef John Perkins of Entre has earned a reputation as a culinary innovator through his ultra-popular underground dinners. Now, he’s bolstering his standing with area foodies even further with a series of “temporary restaurants” at Entre’s event space at 360 N. Boyle Avenue in the Central West End. The concept is pretty straightforward: choose an overarching theme, tweak the space with artwork and details that tie into it, limit the menu to 10 items and shut the doors after a month or so. The first of these restaurants, Le Coq, had its run in January with a chicken-centric bill of fare. Look for A Good Man Is Hard To Find, a Flannery O’Connor-inspired take on Southern comfort food, to open in April and vegetarian and locavore-themed versions later in the year—on a roughly quarterly schedule. Perkins says the temporary eateries allow him and his staff to exercise their creativity in the kitchen in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional restaurant setting, while also showcasing the event space to the public.



Le Coq by Entre


Photo credit: Christopher Gibbons

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