Heat Wave

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The hottest summer essentials, all under $100.


When it comes to stocking the season’s hottest trends, remember: less is more. Avoiding an epic fail in the credit card department is as simple as knowing where to go. Ironically, this summer, the “looks for less” guidebook would essentially send you to every store you’ve gone great lengths to avoid. Chic shops and popularly high-end retailers have prepared for the heat wave by jampacking their racks with pieces you can safely purchase without breaking into a sweat. In other words, your next “just browsing” trip will likely result in a revelation: You can have new kicks—and a bikini, too!

[1] Peter Grimm fedora, $28. Available at Ivy Hill, Central West End, 314.367.7004.
[2] L-Space bikini top, $73. Available at Splash, Clayton, 314.721.6442.
[3] Billabong hoodie, $59.50. Available at Splash, Clayton, 314.721.6442.
[4] L-Space bikini bottom, $79. Available at Splash, Clayton, 314.721.6442.
[5] Vogue footwear flatform sandals, $92. Available at Ziezo, The loop, 314.725.9602.
[6] Braided bracelet, $15. Available at 10Denza, Central West End, 314.361.1010.
[7] Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, $98. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
[8] Z&L scarf, $28. Available at GiddyUp Jane, Ladue, 314.993.9944.
[9] Jack dress, $59.99. Available at Pulse, Chesterfield, 636.519.4022.
[10] Scala Cowboy hat, $44. Available at GiddyUp Jane, Ladue, 314.993.9944.
[11] Miss Me denim shorts, $89. Available at Klutch, Town & Country, 636.220.6110.
[12] Oxmo tunic, $94. Available at Ziezo, The Loop, 314.725.9602.



L-Space Bikini Bottom


Vogue Footwear Platform Sandals


Billabong Hoodie


Braided Braclet


L-Space Bikini Top


Peter Grimm Fedora


Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses


Z&L Scarf


Jack Dress


Scala Cowboy Hat


Miss Me Denim Shorts


Oxmo Tunic


Photo credit: Carmen Troesser

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