Happy Holidays From The ALIVE Team

By Rachel Brandt
In Culture

Happy holidays! As the year comes to a close, a few members of our team reflect on happy holiday memories and what they’re thankful for this year.


Photo by Rachel Brandt.

Krystin Arneson, Managing Editor: “Goodness, what a year it’s been. It’s taken me from Angkor Wat to St. Louis, but I couldn’t be more thankful for being able to write about what I’m passionate about and for an absolutely amazing team to work with.”

Kelly Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief: “One year, over Thanksgiving dinner, my mom saved my cousin from choking on turkey, Heimlich maneuver and all. My 90-year-old grandparents were so befuddled by the whole thing, which happened so quickly. She is a retired ER nurse of 30 years and lives with MS, and that moment was one of many that confirmed her supermom status for me as a young person.”

Sarah Stallmann, Fashion Editor: “My boyfriend and I are excited to spend our first holiday with the “kids”—new pup Winnie Cooper and kitty Ace. It’s a fur baby Christmas!”

Rachel Brandt, Associate Online Editor: “When my younger brother was about eight years old, the thing he wanted most in the world was a dirt bike. My parents told him over and over again throughout the holiday season that they were too dangerous and there was no way he would get one for Christmas. Christmas morning came and he ran down the stairs and tore through his presents hoping a miracle had happened. No dirt bike. We were finished unwrapping, drinking coffee and enjoying each other’s company when my dad said, ‘I think Santa forgot to bring one present in the house. It’s on the front porch.’ My brother ran to the window and saw a tiny, eight-year-old-sized dirt bike. Seeing his joy was so wonderful. Giving is definitely better than receiving.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed following along with #ALIVEHoliday. It’s not over yet! Check back in the next few days for tips on sticking with your new year’s goals and our top picks for best NYE parties. Merry Christmas!

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