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Photo courtesy of Stocksnap.

Photo courtesy of Stocksnap.

Q: I have very fine hair, but I want it to look fashion-forward. I really like having a classic “dapper” haircut, but I don’t know what products to use that won’t make my hair look thinner. Most things that I use tend to weigh it down, when I know body and volume will help me. What would you suggest? -Tyler, 38

A: This is a question I get often in the salon, Tyler. There are a ton of products out there that will work for your hair. The best thing to do is ask your stylist or barber what they recommend when you go in for a cut.

If their suggestions aren’t working for you, you should look for products that are a “matte” or dry finish. Products with clay in them tend to work well for fine hair textures. Products with oil, silicone, or a shiny finish, can make your hair look finer.

Alternately, blow-drying your hair with a volumizing spray to build body, and finishing with a hairspray for hold could be the answer if a clay or paste is still too heavy for your hair. Reading reviews for products online can also give you a good idea of how a product performs before you spend your money.

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Josh Nichols is a 15-year industry veteran who is a nationally recognized expert in hair styling. A St. Louis native, Josh attended Current Trends Academy and went on to become a top revenue stylist at the award-winning American Image Salon in Chesterfield. Josh opened his first salon—Josh Nichols Studio—in 2010. He has since expanded his services, added employees and relocated to Clayton, renaming his salon KINK Salon in 2012. His latest project, Notch, a men’s barbershop concept, opened August of 2014 in The Grove.

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