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Halloween is less than two weeks away, and although it’s my favorite holiday of the year, I usually find myself procrastinating until the last possible second when it comes to settling on a costume for the night. We can expect to see quite a few popular costumes this year: Political figures, Miley Cyrus and the subway rat that stole pizza are at the top of the pop culture costume list. It doesn’t take much effort or money to put together a Halloween ensemble that is creative enough to both win a costume contest and help you stand out in the crowd.

1/ Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree

If you don’t know who the late Bob Ross was, then perhaps you’ve been living under a happy little rock. The American painter is easy to replicate for Halloween. Jeans, a button-up shirt and a brown afro are all you need to pull it off. This is also a great couple’s costume. Just tie some sticks and leaves to your significant other, and viola!


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2/ E.T. and Elliot

E.T. has been an instantly recognizable pop culture icon since 1982. While most of us do not have the makeup skills to easily re-create the adorable little alien as a costume, his best friend Elliot is an easy task. A red hoodie, milk crate and a white sheet are easy to find. As for E.T. in the basket; you can print out an image from the internet and affix it to a pillow, stick your dog in the basket (pugs work well as E.T.), or have a friend dress up like this guy did.


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3/ The Brawny Man

I’m a big fan of any costume that doesn’t require you to shave off that beautiful beard you’ve worked so diligently to grow. The Brawny Man is a perfect fit for any lumbersexual man. It helps if you have a perfectly chiseled jaw, muscles for days and a smile to make grown women faint; but all you really need is a red and black flannel and a roll of paper towels. The ability to clean up the nastiest spills with only one sheet is an added bonus.


4/ Bond, James Bond

If you are a stylish guy with a nice suit, or even a tuxedo, James Bond is an easy fit. You can turn this into a couples costume if your better half has a nice cocktail gown hanging in the back of their closet. Bonus points for using a ball-point pen as a high-tech spy camera, or outfitting your BMW with imaginary gun turrets. Let your imagination run wild!


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5/ A Work of Art

This costume can work with any iconic artist portrait, like Mona Lisa or Frida Kahlo. A blazer and simple paint-stroke makeup make Vincent Van Gogh a breeze. Y0u can even pick up an old piece of framed art from Goodwill to make your costume a verifiable work of art.


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6/ Cactus

Being a cactus is easier than it looks: Green sweats, or a green hoodie should be easy enough to find. You can create cactus “needles” from drinking straws or white pipe cleaners—even white yarn could do the trick. Stick them to your sweats with a needle and thread or a hot glue gun.


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7/ Sexy Ghost

Nothing is funnier to me than the ever-present “sexy” costume. Do something different by being a satire version of the trend. Take something that is far from sexy, and make it just that: like a sexy ghost. A white sheet held to your body by a bra and panties make for a super “sexy” ghost costume.


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