Guy Files: 5 Men's Fashion Bloggers To Inspire Your Personal Style

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Making your mark in the world of men’s fashion can be a challenge when swimming through an endless sea of polos, button-ups, chinos, denim, and tees. So, how can we be style-savvy in a world where men’s fashion retailers present the same boring threads every season? This week, we look for inspiration from men who have their style games on point. These fellas have curated their personal style simply by wearing things they like. That, and confidence, make for fantastic wardrobe choices.  Best of all, these bloggers are uber-easy to follow. If you can’t commit to following their frequently updated style blogs, follow them on Instagram instead.

My Belonging
Tommy Lei is a self-proclaimed cosmopolitan, bi-coastal globetrotter and “styleteller.” The title suits him perfectly because his photos do just —tell a story. Raised in Hong Kong, and now based in Los Angeles, this blogger is the poster-child for clean-cut, modern male style. You can see his native influences as well as a modern Californian street chic aesthetic. He is masterful at rocking black and white while maintaining a well thought-out silhouette. Lei is a small-framed guy, and knows exactly how to dress for it, so if you fit that profile, this blog is a must. Alternatively, catch him on Instagram: @mybelonging.

Photo courtesy of My Belonging

Photo courtesy of My Belonging

Scout Sixteen
New York-based blogger Justin Livingston is a Southern boy at heart. Raised in Tennessee, Justin went to school in Mississippi before moving to New York to follow his passion for all things fashion. You can see the classic Southern preppy influences in his style, cross-pollinated by the unmistakable urban mark of the Big Apple. Scout Sixteen is unique—while his focus is on personal style, Livingston effortlessly ties that into lifestyle. This makes his blog a great read for fashion aficionados, aspiring designers and jet-setters alike. For the cliff notes version of Scout Sixteen, visit Livingston on Instagram: @justinliv.

Photo courtesy of Scout Sixteen

Photo courtesy of Scout Sixteen

I Am Galla
Adam Gallagher is the man you either want, or want to be. His Hollywood good-looks—and exceptionally curated wardrobe—make him a dream to look at regardless of which side of that fence you fall on. Born and raised in California, Gallagher now calls New York home. You can see a playful beachy characteristic to many of his wardrobe choices,  juxtaposed against a masterfully tailored New York-inspired sleekness. This dapper man knows exactly what to put on to look his best, and he stays comfortable and at-ease while he does it (usually while visiting some beautiful destination). I want to be Adam Gallagher when I grow up, but for now I’ll settle for lusting after his closet. Follow him on Instagram: @iamgalla.


Photo courtesy of I Am Galla

This Fruit
Another New York-based blogger, Sean Santiago resides in Brooklyn, New York. Santiago has a fresh point of view, and doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries a bit with his fashion choices. He recently launched Cakeboy magazine, which he describes as “a platform to discuss community, masculinity, identity, belonging.” His blog parallels that mission by exhibiting fashion as both masculine and genderless. Santiago proves that not only can a man leave the house looking perfectly dapper in a full-length skirt, but he’ll kick some fashion ass and take names while doing it. His Instagram is definitely worth a follow: @thisfruitsnaps or @cakeboymag.

Photo courtesy of This Fruit

Photo courtesy of This Fruit

Closet Freaks
Anthony Urbano is perhaps the most eclectic of the bloggers I’ve mentioned. He literally always looks like he’s walking a runway. His unique ability to style any color or print perfectly is uncanny. Wearing colors in ways that most of us would never dream, he maintains a perfectly clean and crisp presentation at all times, effortlessly taking street fashion to high fashion. Urbano lives a double-life in New York City, spending his days as both structural engineer and “not-so-secrect fashion ‘freak'” as he creatively describes himself on his blog. Get constant fashion inspiration by following him on Instagram: @oh_anthonio.

Image courtesy of Closet Freaks

Photo courtesy of Closet Freaks


Josh Nichols is a 15-year industry veteran who is a nationally recognized expert in hair styling. A St. Louis native, Josh attended Current Trends Academy and went on to become a top revenue stylist at the award-winning American Image Salon in Chesterfield. Josh opened his first salon—Josh Nichols Studio—in 2010. He has since expanded his services, added employees and relocated to Clayton, renaming his salon KINK Salon in 2012. His latest project, Notch, a men’s barbershop concept, opened August of 2014 in The Grove.

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