Grand Center Announces 2013 Visionary Award Winners

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Grand Center 2013 Visionary Honorees

Each year since 2003, Grand Center, Inc. has presented their Visionary Awards celebrating the many contributions, achievements and creativity of women who either work in or support the arts in St. Louis. Whether they’re working professionals, educators, emerging artists, or others, one thing remains constant: the women are always truly “visionary.” This year’s group is no exception, bringing the total number of women honored in the annual recognition event to 62 extraordinary and exceptional women.

The selection process begins each December with an open call for nominations, and being chosen is impactful, to say the least. Every year, the honorees receive an outpouring of attention and support, which affirms their significant contributions to the arts and their positive influence on the St. Louis Region. Grand Center recognizes the importance of community support as well, without whom, there would be no Grand Center Visionary Awards.

Major Contributor to the Arts : presented to a woman who has made a significant financial commitment to the advancement of the arts in St. Louis. She also participates on arts organization boards and raises funds for non-profit arts organizations. 2013 Visionary – Carol Voss

Outstanding Arts Professional : presented to a woman who has dedicated her professional career to fostering creativity and encouraging ongoing participation in the arts. She raises the profile of her organization by causing a widespread impact on the St. Louis arts community. 2013 Visionary – Agnes Wilcox

Successful Working Artist : presented to a woman currently working and achieving great accomplishments in the arts. She has earned significant acclaim over an extended period of time and consistently displays excellence in the practice of her art form, enriching artistic expression and unique style. 2013 Visionary – Lydia Ruffin

Outstanding Arts Educator : presented to a woman dedicated to providing artistic instruction to a range of students, as both a profession and lifestyle. She has made a strong impact on the individuals and community she has fostered through her role as an educator. 2013 Visionary – Lynn Rubright

Emerging Artist : presented to an up-and-coming artist who has demonstrated her talent and a strong commitment to building her career in the arts. 2013 Visionary – Andrea Purnell

Lifetime Achievement : presented to a woman whose career serves as a standard for career artistic achievement and as a beacon to arts enthusiasts. It honors an individual who embraces artistic excellence, in any form, with every fiber of her being. Because the award is not given annually, when a recipient is selected by the independent Award Selection Committee, the honor is all the more revered. 2013 Visionary – Joanne Kohn

ALIVE goes in-depth with each of the winners in May issue of the magazine. Don’t miss their amazing stories of achievement.

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