Grammy Award Nominee Frenchie Davis To Perform At The Vital Voice's FIVE

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Making plans to attend FIVE: The Vital VOICE & St. Louis Effort For AIDS Anniversary Event? Party-goers can expect singer-songwriter and “The Voice” star Frenchie Davis to perform pop and rock hits straight from the soul. We teamed up The Vital VOICE to bring you an interview that also digs deep. Read on for a look into the life of Davis and check out the full tell-all chat on

Photo courtesy of Frenchie Davis.

Photo courtesy of Frenchie Davis.

Have you received any interesting responses from your work with the “It Gets Better” campaign?
I think the most interesting responses are the beautifully written letters I receive from young people who are in the middle of their coming out process. They always remind me of why it is so important for those of us in the public eye to be true to our authentic selves. The journey to self-acceptance can be a long and tedious one, so I take tremendous pride in knowing that my being out and proud and comfortable in my skin may in some small way help make that journey easier for a young person.

It appears live theatre is in your blood, but you’re also great on camera. Between Broadway and television, does one or the other feel more natural to you?
I love being on stage. I share a uniquely different experience with listeners when I perform live. From the moment that I first realized I could sing, I knew I wanted to be a stage performer and be on Broadway. I mean, I love TV and film as well, but nothing compares to the stage and the discipline it gives you as a performer. You can’t call “Cut!” There are no do-overs. No auto-tune.  It’s real, and I love that.

St. Louis has a dynamic activist scene. Several young leaders were invited to the Oval Office recently, and creative expressions from the hands up poses to the sidewalk chalk outlines born here have spread around the world. Do you have anything to say about the work going on in this city, or anything to say to those involved?
To all of the young people in this movement, I say we should keep protesting and start taking it to the next level by getting organized and being crystal clear on what the goals are. Yes, the overall goal is to combat systematic oppression, but we have to start thinking of ways to do that. Whether it’s demanding that certain laws be changed or demanding that police wear body cameras, or better yet have cameras on their firearms like some members of the military do. Whatever it is, we have to keep fighting against inequality while simultaneously remaining focused on finding and creating solutions.

What do you have in store for your performance at FIVE?
Some good SANGIN’!


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