Grace Kubilius

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Craft Alliance Fiber Artist-in-Residence


What are you wearing today? The shirt and necklaces are from my collection (available at Skif), pants and button-down from Gap and the boots are Chaps.

Describe your personal style. It usually looks something like a 9-year-old boy. I am almost always dressed for working in my studio.

In what ways do art and fashion go hand-in-hand in both your career and your wardrobe? My work reflects my interest in the intersection of fashion/ costume, sculpture and performance. I am drawn to interesting shapes and textures in both my work and my personal wardrobe. I prefer to keep the focus on what I’m making, so in dressing myself, I keep it lowkey. I need to be able to get messy and move around.

What inspires you most when you are creating your wearable art pieces? The material, always. I deconstruct and reconstruct new and found materials. The process can either be very repetitive or immediate and reactionary, allowing me to create problems and solve them. My work deals with gender, identity, trauma and ugliness.

What item from your closet can you not live without? I don’t get too attached to clothing. There’s no item I care too much about—it’s all replaceable.

What is your go-to piece? It changes. I get really into something and buy multiples. I end up wearing it out in a month and move on to a new go-to. Most recently it was quilted sweatshirts.




Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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